“If you can imagine it, we can do it”. The faculty of visualization and imagination are what drives the company’s creative team to explore, create and innovate. Imagination, after all, is so vital to awakening one’s inner genius and insights into the real “secret” to creativity.

The Company’s Research and Development Team, limited only by its own imagination, continues to create, innovate and develop solutions that integrate Neural networks such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, Machine Learning and Deep Learning for both Private and Government Sectors with applications as diverse as the following:

Local Government Solutions:

  • ICMS – ( Integrated City Management System ) – Business Process License System, Real Property Tax and Assessment System, Payment System, Barangay Information System with Unified ID solutions and GIS: Geographical Information System
  • A.i. DMS – Disaster Management System with Artificial Intelligence
  • I.P.A.A.D.S ( Integrated Public Advisory & Analysis Display Solutions with A.i. )
  • Integrated Hospital Information System with Electronic Medical Record and Inventory Management Solutions – Combining 3 methods: SCADA + Mechatronics + A.i.
  • iTMS (intelligent Traffic Management Solution with License Plate Recognition + A.i.)

National Government Solutions:

  • A.i. DMS – Disaster Management System with Artificial Intelligence
  • iGov – Integrated Government Management System
  • BAATMANS ( Behavioral Analysis And Transport Management Solutions ) – Transport Solutions
  • iTMS (intelligent Traffic Management Solution with License Plate Recognition + A.i.)
  • I.P.O.R.T.S (Integrated Public Open Road Tollway Solutions)
  • A.i.Gates ( Artificial Intelligence Checkpoint Solutions)
  • A.i
  • Agribot – End to end Solutions for Agriculture using Instrumentations and Artificial Intelligence connected to the A.i. Cloud
  • A.i.WMS – Using Artificial Intelligence in Water Management Solutions ( National Irrigation Administration)
  • Airport Ground Operation Monitoring Solutions – Aircraft Security & Traffic Monitoring Integrated to Bird Deterrent System
  • A.i. EMS – Energy Management System with Artificial Intelligence
  • GAAS - Gaming And Amusement Solutions (PAGCOR)


  • Energy Management System
  • Integrated Water Management System
  • Integrated Project Management System
  • Hotel Information and Management System ( HRIS, Time Keeping, Payroll System & Security System)
  • A.i in Floating Solar Farm with Aquaponics
  • Hybrid Data Network Management Solutions ( VPN: Fiber Optic Cable, Copper, Wireless network, Satellite, UHF and TV white space technology.
  • Hospital Information Management Solutions ( Electronic Medical Record and Inventory Management System)
  • iBMS (intelligent Building Management System with A.i.)

    • Realtime Health Risk Analysis and Management Solutions:

      Vertical market with Health Tracking:

      » Logistic company tracking driver’s fatigue level.

      » Military/ Police Administration tracking on-duty soldiers, officers fatigue level and manage health KPI.