The Company’s Evolution


The genesis of the Information Technology Business Solutions (ITBS) started in 2006 with the establishment of a multimedia arts outfit specifically in the digital printing category. It was this initial business foray that the creative spirit of the team was given expression and elevated into an art form.

Soon after within the same year, the company transitioned as a surveillance service-provider with automation and microcontroller integration as well as web-based software developer with virtual hosting to cater to the needs of small businesses as well as residential and commercial clients. Its segue towards automation was a logical move owing to its founding President’s, Mr. John Paul Miranda, extensive background and experience in Information Technology, Electronics and Communication Design and Customization of Microcontrollers for high-technology systems.

Within two short years, the company expanded its portfolio with a client base coming from a wide spectrum of industries and vertical markets in both public and private sectors. To cope with the ever-changing and exacting demands of its market, the company focused its resources on research and development creating cutting-edge solutions for different applications. This includes systems to manage energy, security, surveillance for home, office and building management solutions. At the heart of these systems is the company’s very own, home-grown human-machine interface or commonly referred to as the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).

The company’s SCADA was developed with the Internet of Things (IoT) in mind. IoT refers to ordinary and ubiquitous everyday objects transformed into smart, data acquisition devices and field computers enabling them to send and receive data and seamlessly integrated to a single platform. Towards this end, its SCADA was developed with virtually an open communication protocol capable of integrating various field instruments, data loggers and sensors into one cohesive information platform With its expanding client base and in anticipation of more home-grown solutions, the company incorporated in 2010 to increase its capital base. Thus ITBS Information Technology Business Solutions Corp. was born. This ushered in an era of sustained research and development and the creation of more world-class solutions at par, even better, with the world’s best. Today, ITBS, an end-to-end systems developer and integrator, is the only Filipino company that can compete with the world’s best in the field of A.I., machine-vision and deep learning.

Mr. John Paul “JP” Miranda is the founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Architect (CA) of ITBS Information Technology Business Solutions Corp.